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Don’t Compare AIE to Any Other School.

Compare Us to Every Other School.

     The Academy for Individual Excellence is a Christian school serving families with children in preschool through the 12th grade. Here, we teach children the skills they will need to reach adulthood in a healthy, productive, and Godly way. By modeling and promoting the core values of work ethic, engagement, accountability, and compassion, we enable children to achieve individual excellence in character, responsibility, education, and citizenship.


We have designed and structured AIE purposefully to honor Godly principles, value family, and model respect for the lessons of service and love found in the life of Christ. We have created an environment for learning that mimics the environment God intended for us: the family.  Here, children work together as brothers and sisters in mixed-age, mixed-ability classes. They have opportunities that they would have on a daily basis at home, such as being with the same adults for longer periods of time than just a year or two, and working and playing alongside both older and younger ‘siblings.’

Here, every child has opportunities
to be inspired--and to inspire.

They travel from year to year with the same family of classmates and develop the ease and confidence that come with knowing one another’s strengths, weaknesses and personalities. In this structure, they can direct their energies to learning and growing, rather than to adapting to new environments each year or, in some cases, class period to class period. This unique approach allows us to evaluate each child according to their abilities and circumstances, and to help them achieve individual success. We measure that success by the acquisition of valuable life skills and the high level of self-worth that comes from knowing they are needed in their family and community—that they belong. The unique and challenging curriculum and purposeful structure at AIE promote natural growth and development in our students by honoring each one’s personal journey to individual excellence.

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